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October 29, 2022 Hybrid Fall Conference
Saturday, October 29
October 29, 2022 Hybrid Fall Conference  (Conference)
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Fritz Juengling, AG® - Hybrid Program
Our 2022 Fall Conference will be a hybrid program, in person at the Minnesota Genealogy Center, 1385 Mendota Heights Road, Suite 100, Mendota Heights, MN and virtually via Zoom.
Fritz Juengling is an Accredited Genealogist® for Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark. He received his undergraduate degrees at Western Oregon University and his Master’s and Doctorate diplomas in Germanic Philology at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Juengling has taught languages at the high school and university levels, and is employed as a Scandinavian, German, and Dutch research consultant at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. He will offer these three presentations: 

What does it say? Deciphering Old Swedish Handwriting

Handwriting in older Swedish records often looks completely unfamiliar to modern eyes. Reading these old documents is more than just deciphering letters and words. Learn the strategies professionals use to decode and unlock the mysteries of old Swedish documents.

When did it Happen? Swedish Calendars and Feast Days

In Swedish church records, a minister often recorded the date of an event by the name of a fixed or moveable feast date, based on the liturgical year rather than the Julian or Gregorian date that we know. Learn how to convert old calendars to Gregorian dates. Speaking of the Gregorian calendar, Sweden’s conversion process was painful but interesting. If you think you have troubles because you were born on February 29th, think about those people who were born on February 30th! 

Can you help me, FamilySearch? Resources for Genealogists 

You can get terrific FREE research assistance from FamilySearch features, including Communities, Online Consultations, Learning Center, Wiki, Look-up Service, and Translations!

The conference will be LIVE and will be recorded, so registrants will have access to recordings of the lectures for 30 days after the event. Times listed are Central Daylight Time.

Registration fee is $60 per person for members, $70 per person for non-members. Registrations must be received by October 26 (or October 21 if you order a box lunch).

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If you wish to purchase lunch for $12.50 you may do that also, or bring your own bag lunch.  Purchased lunches include a sandwich on whole wheat bread, chips, an apple and a cookie.  Beverages will be available throughout the day.
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Research and translation help will be available after the program.  Bring what information you have, and let us know in advance by email at info@sgsmn.org