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August 13, 2021 By: Virginia Taylor
SGSM October 16, 2021 Virtual Conference
The SGSM Conference presentations this year are strictly about Swedish records.  If you want to go further back in your research, or want to understand more about references to weight, measures and money in historical records, or are looking for a new resource for information, you want to attend this conference.
If you have gotten as far back in your research as the mantals tax records, are there records that go further back than 1642?  Yes, there are; between 1535 and 1577 there were 12 different types of tax records.  The Early Tax Records of Sweden presentation will discuss the background, payment amounts and record accessibility.  You will find it interesting what some of the taxes were raised for and who had to pay.
The Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet) is one of the oldest authorities of the Swedish govenment wtih roots back to the 1200s.  Learn how to access the datases and digitized records of this fantastic website.
When you go through old Swedish records that mention weights, or a measurement, or an amount of money, doesn't it get kind of frustrating to not know how much or how far it means? And, wouldn't it be interesting to know what it may be converted to today's values?  
 Join us on October 16 for this information packed conference. 
President Virginia Taylor
March 24, 2021 By: Virginia Taylor
Swedish Genealogy Research Books
If you haven't purchased a Swedish genealogy research book in the last 5 years or so, I strongly urge you to consider looking into purchasing one of the following  books for your ongoing research.  All three were published in 2020, and are very up-to-date on how the information you need for research is presented.  Using these books will make your research efforts more knowledge based and efficient.  They are available for purchase on Amazon.
    by Robert W. Johnson and Elizabeth Williams Gomoll
Household Examination Records are the foundation of your Swedish ancestral search. Each chapter is devoted to a specific column in the HH Examination Record, and the history and purpose of the column is explained. The authors examine the abbreviations, symbols, and other markings used by the priests in this record to make your research more complete.
   by Geoffrey Fröberg Morris 
The reader of this book is taken from the very beginning of a person search, and goes through their birth, marriage, household examination, moving in and out and death record. Along the research way, the author gives us the history and reasons for each record. Photos of each of these records from differenct time periods and different counties gives a broad view and explanations of the old script and language used in the records.
  by Håkan Skogsjö 
This book familiarizes the researcher with the AkivDigital database and the online access to the registers and indexes available on AD.
The Children of Ash and Elm
 by Neil Price
This book is the definitive history of the Vikings and their time.  The author, Neil Price, has been studying Viking culture for 35 years, and wanted, through this book, to present the story of the Vikings on their own terms, not through the distorted lens of others throughout history. 

December 19, 2020 By: Virginia Taylor
All Tidningen Back-Issues Now on Website
We have completed the process of uploading ALL the Tidningen back issues encompassing 1997-2020 on our website.  This is available to all of our members and we will add new issues as they are published. Everyone will continue to receive their printed copies in the mail, but if you haven't received your Winter 2020-2021 issue yet, it is already on the website for you to access.  You may have heard about people binge-watching their favorite TV programs, well now you can binge-read your favorite newsletter.  A number of members have told me that they have saved all the issues, but if you aren't one of them that have, now you can see all the issues too.  
The Tidningen has changed somewhat over time, such as the length of each issue and the use of more color.  But one thing is exactly the same in every single issue - they all say "Editor: Ronald Swanson". So, give a shout-out to Ron for publishing 95 issues over the years, and for now digitizing those issues for the website.  Of course, there have been many other contributers of articles and stories, some of whom contribute to almost every issue and others less frequently.  As you look thru the Tidningen issues you will see many familiar names in the bylines, but you will also notice some articles contributed by members too humble to attach their names.  All of these contributers have provided the grist for Ron to work with.  Contributing your articles will help keep the Tidningen vital as well as memorialize your family stories. 
You can find the Tidningen back-issues in the "Tidningen Archive" under the Member Login.  If you have fogotten your Username or Password, contact us at membership@sgsmn.org for assistance.  There are directions on that website page about how to locate and access these issues using a comprehensive alphabetical article index and an index for each issue.  
 Tip - On the "Tidningen Online Resources" page for each issue, you can click on the hyperlinks to take you to the respective website rather than typing the long URLs.  Links from the "Online Resources" page of recent issues can also be found on the "Links From the Tid" website page.
Happy Holidays! 
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