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September 19, 2017 By: Virginia Taylor
SGSM Fall Conference 2017
Are you wondering if you should even bother to learn about genetic genealogy?  You're happy with your family tree the way it is, and you really don't want to put any more effort into it after all the effort you have already put into it.  I can totally understand that.  However, there is a very strong interest with DNA testing that has taken hold within the genealogy community.  In fact, any genealgy event being held now that offers a presentation on genetic genealogy gets filled quickly and usually has a waiting list.  You may just want to attend one of these meetings to see what it is all about. Even if you have no inkling to have your DNA tested to further your research, you will at least get acquainted with more possibilities to grow your family tree if ever some other family member wants to take it over in the future.  
Our speaker, Diahan Southard, a genetic genealogist, was picked for our conference because she makes DNA testing and working with the test results for your genealogy very understandable.  She will explain, in very clear language, how to solve some research problems you never thought possible.  However, this comes with the caveat that you still have to do the tough work of research along with using the test results.  
So come and spend a day with us and learn why so many genealogists are getting their DNA tested, and how the test results can enhance your   family tree.  And if you are still looking for more living relatives to contact and connect with, for sure you will want to come and hear Diahan's presentation on Autosomal DNA.
You can register online or by using the Registration Form posted.  Conference details are on the Events page.
See you at the Conference!