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February 25, 2017 By: Virginia Taylor
Back Issues of Tidningen
Good news, SGSM members!  The back issues of our newsletter, Tidningen, from 1997 - 2006 are now available for reading on our site.  To access these, go to Member Login and you will see the option of either by year, or looking for a specific article.  The Alphabetic Article Index has instructions on that page for locating an article.  We will be adding more issues in the future.  Enjoy!  
January 6, 2017 By: Virginia Taylor
Happy New Year!
Wishing all of you the best of New Years and much success with your genealogical searches. 
 I strongely encourage you to think about having a family reunion this year, whether small or with the whole enchilada of relatives.  Having been through several funerals this past year, I heard the usual, and almost obligatory comment: "We should get together soon and have a family reunion so the relatives can get to know each other."  How often have you heard those almost exact same words at a funeral?  And how often has it come to fruition?  Let's just do it!  

November 15, 2016 By: Virginia Taylor
2016 Conference speaker notes
Good news, SGSM members! Our conference speaker, Thomas MacEntee, has graciously allowed us to put his speaker notes on our website in the Members Only section.  If you were not able to attend the conference, you will now see why the attendees, to a person, said this was one of our best conferences, ever.  After reading through his notes and using the information and help he gives us, many of us will  probably be readjusting  quite a bit of how we handled the family information that we presently have.  That is definitely the case for me.   
 If you are not a member of SGSM, I encourage you to join our society so you can take advantage of all that we offer, especially if you live outstate, which makes it harder to attend meetings.  You will receive our newsletter, Tidningen, 4 times a year, and have access to Members Only on our site.  And do not forget, we truly welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions and queries, whether you are a member or not.  Send them to: sgsm1983@gmail.com.  We'd love to hear from you because as our motto states: "We are here for you!"
September 26, 2016 By: Virginia Taylor
Fall Conference 2016
Do not be discouraged that our conference speaker this year is not talking specifically about things related to Sweden and/or Swedish research.  I know that is always a highlight of our conferences, however, this year we wanted to present a speaker that would help all of us genealogists with the handling of the volume of information we have found and have yet to find.  We will be learning how to take a good hard look at the information we presently have, and to correct mistakes we previously did not realize were mistakes i.e., citations, anyone?, or unreliable records put down as 'factual', and so on. 
 Also, do you lie awake nights wondering if all your research may be tossed after you're gone because what you have would take some very extensive unraveling to straighten out, which might mean being thrown in the trash without even being looked at?  Scary thought, isn't it?  And just as scary is not knowing how to prepare and plan for the furure safekeeping of your hard work, even if it is meticulously done.  Crossing your fingers is not a solution!
This year's speaker, Thomas MacEntee, will talk about problems facing any genealogist, and the solutions we need to be better prepared to deal with anything our research presents us.  Learn to research smarter, easier and more efficiently with the latest technologies.
 Then, on into the future, any descendant who gets your well-organized research...well, I can imagine the smile on his or her face when they open your family heritage story for the first time.  We all know there is nothing better than a good story well told!
 See you at the conference!