Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
Researching Swedes and Swedish Immigration Worldwide

About Us

We were founded in March 1983. Membership in the Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota is open to everyone interested in celebrating Swedish genealogy, history & culture. Our bylaws state that the purpose of our organization shall be to:
  • Encourage interest in and expand knowledge of Swedish ancestry and heritage.
  • Exchange ideas relating to genealogical research and methodology.
  • Provide instruction on topics of interest to members.
  • Expand awareness of Swedish society and culture.
  • Encourage the research and writing of family, emigration/immigration and settlement histories, and publication of Swedish genealogical material.
We have fun and engaging meetings with research and translation helpers available. Also, Swedish Research Day is the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December) at the MGS Library staffed with our experienced research team.  

Operating Year: January - December 2021

President: Virginia Taylor
Vice President: Wayne Dahlsten
Recording Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Bob Taylor
Director: John Nordale
Director: Janet Carlson
Director: Steve Larson
Director: Curt Carlson
Director: Bob Johnson, CG®
Membership: Wayne Dahlsten
Volunteers: Bob Johnson, CG®
Tidningen: Ron Swanson
Programs: Elizabeth Williams Gomoll, CG®
Marketing & Communications: Curt Carlson
Facebook: Janet Carlson
Website Editor: Steven Wasik
Webmaster: Bob Rowe

Contact Us

Click on a name/committee above, or email info@sgsmn.org with your questions and comments.
Postal Mail
Anything mailed to this address will be placed in our mail box at the Minnesota Genealogical Society. Once our volunteers collect and process the mail, we'll reply to your correspondence.
Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
1385 Mendota Heights Rd, Ste 100
Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55120-1367