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Our Vignettes

A vignette is a short and descriptive piece of writing that captures a brief period in time. They are more focused on vivid imagery and meaning rather than plot. Examples of vignettes include Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time, Margaret Atwood’s The Female Body, Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street, and Alice Walker’s The Flowers.

Vignettes have been particularly influential in the development of the contemporary notions of a scene as shown in postmodern theater, film and television, where less emphasis is placed on adhering to the conventions of traditional structure and story development.

These vignettes are based on the personal Swedish genealogy and heritage experiences of our amazing members like you! Please consider submitting your own stories.  Write freely. Express your story as you see fit. Include images as you wish. Send it to info@sgsmn.org and we'll contact you.
Vignette Author
Searching - and Finding - Our Roots Elaine Ekstedt
Cultures Shared! Jan Carlson
Box and digging up Axel - $11 Dan Anderson
A Royal Fairy Tale Judy Trepka
A Small World John von Walter
Heritage Plants Jan Carlson
Gould Is Not a Swedish Name, or Is It? Kathy Meade
Found Living Relatives Karl Ekstrom
Song of a Settler - A Poem from Sweden Jan Carlson
Devils in the Water Patricia Anderson
An Unusual View of One's Ancestors John von Walter
Jan Carlson
Lost But Not Forgotten Wayne Dahlsten
Welcome Back Steve Larson
New Year's Eve 1943 Virginia Taylor