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Fall Conference Review

virginia taylor sgsmn presidentA big thank you to all who participated in our SGSM Fall Conference on Saturday, October 16th. I hope you enjoyed our new format with interludes of photos, music and ‘Tid Bits’ between presentations. We really enjoyed putting them together for you. Also, congratulations to all of the conference door prize winners! Finally, we sincerely thank the donors who so generously offered the prizes for our conference.
Geoffrey Morris started the conference with talks on early tax records of Sweden. If your research has gotten as far back as the mantals tax records, this research is the next step to go further back in time. These incredible records are in old Gothic script, and may be a bit troublesome to read, but Geoffrey has videos on his site offering classes on reading Gothic script. (SwedishGenealogyGuideLearningCenter) He also introduced us to the offerings of Riksarkivet, the Swedish National Archives site. It's an excellent research tool that contains a wealth of information for genealogy.
I really encourage you to take some small steps into the world of early Swedish tax records and give it a good try. If you are fairly new to Swedish genealogy research, don’t despair! Save these speaker notes for when you get to that point in your family research, and these notes will be the best resource you can have.
If any of you find an ancestor from your determined research into these records, We’d like to hear from you and publish an account of your successful journey! Email your story to sgsm1983@gmail.com and we'll contact you!
Bob Johnson’s presentation on historical weights, measures and money of Sweden gave us valuable information that will help us in determining more about our ancestors. Were they well off, or quite poor? Did they own a lot of property, or very little? The speaker notes are something you want to keep handy as a resource during your research. Instead of guessing about what you’re looking at when a record mentions money, weight, a measurement, or ???, go to your speaker notes and know for sure! Contact Bob with any questions. (NordicFamilyHistory)
Research is not guessing what something is, it’s knowing absolutely and confidently what you are looking at is 100% accurate. Questions or comments? Let us know at info@sgsmn.org.
Wishing all of you success with your ancestral research.
Virginia Taylor
SGSM President


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